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Happy New Year, It's 2018. Are you ready for your event?

Oh, I have time!  It's a year away!  I'll look into it next week! We can book it later!

These are all phrases that we have said, thought, or were about to say till we realized it's already 2018.  Where did the time go?  It seems like it was only yesterday that it was 2017 (literally, it was).  But you know what I mean.  What's your resolution?  To be proactive, to stay on top of things, to make lists, to be a doer and not a procrastinator?!?  Well then get up and and get to it.  Make 2018 a productive year, keep to your resolution!

We thought we would take this time to take note of important timelines that every event planner, conference/workshop, party goer, event host, and/or all around party/event enthusiast should know and stay on top of.  Deadlines, timelines, and dates.......

BUDGET:  Establish this on day 1. You have to have a road map and more times than none money guides this.

DATE: When is the event? Does it fall on a holiday? Is it on a weekday. Ask yourself these questions when you are considering timeline for sending off invites.  If your event is on a holiday weekend you want to make sure you give guests to plan, especially if travel arrangements are needed. 

SAVE THE DATE: These are usually sent for formal affairs.  It is customary to send 4 months in advance for local event and 8 to 12months for destination affairs.

INVITATIONS:  Formal: Out at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to event. Informal: 3 to 4 weeks

VENUE:  Remember your invites can't be sent without a location. So solidifying your location is priority

Now that you know your deadlines, what is your timeline. Don't forget about production and delivery time.  All these things play a major factor. Imagine the want to send out your invitations 8 weeks before your July event but it takes 2 months for your invites to be prepared and shipped to you.  Therefore, you would need to have ordered your invites in February in order for you not to rush and get your invites out on time.  

Don't panic if you haven't been ahead of the game like you should. Ask your vender if they take rush orders.  Some do for a fee. 

Now what are you waiting for?  When is your event? Book your consultation call  HERE .  Let's get started on your invite, program, thank you, save the date, or favors NOW!!!!

*Don't forget that procrastination and poor planning may cause you too miss out on your must have vendors/venues. So get planning!

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